Catalytic converter thefts in South Bend, St. Joseph County on the rise


Since December, at least 170 local residents have reported the theft of their vehicles’ catalytic converter.

South Bend Police say the increase in reports over the past few months is troubling. With that, they’ve released a video of suspects caught on camera, committing the crimes. The video features images of several thefts in progress.

South Bend Police and Michiana Crime Stoppers are asking the community to take time to watch the video.

Anybody with information about the suspects is asked to contact Michiana Crime Stoppers with their anonymous tips. To submit a tip, call (800) 342-STOP(7867) or (574) 288-STOP. You can also submit a tip at


  1. South Bend maligned and ousted a police officer who justifiably shot and killed a man armed with a bowie knife who had been breaking into cars in a residential area. This only emboldened the other criminals who now know with certainty that they will get a pass if they are caught by cops.

    Seriously, what did anyone expect to happen? A spike in crime was entirely predictable to anyone with a functional frontal lobe.


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