A new role for former Vice-President Mike Pence


The former vice president is getting a new role.

Mike Pence will join Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank, as a distinguished fellow.

Heritage Foundation says Pence will advise its public policy experts on conservative issues, write a monthly column for its Daily Signal, and “help steer the future of conservatism.”

Pence said in a statement the Heritage Foundation is a “flagship of the conservative movement” and he’s honored to join them.


  1. Just another religious RINO.

    Benedict Pence can pen all the papers he wants, but We the People will not heed them… Nor will we soon forget his treason.

  2. In 2010 I worked my butt off to get pence elected as governor in Indiana. He visited a breakfast group in South Bend, Indiana to thank all of those attending with a handshake.

    I was able to personally hand pence a copy of Our U. S. Constitution which he placed into his suit jacket pocket.

    He either negated to read and understand it or chose to ignore it!!!

    Steven J. Witmer


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