Flu who?

("ph_so_6_Retiree" by Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office, CC BY 2.0)

How nasty has COVID been? It has almost completely eradicated the flu this year while surging to record-breaking numbers of its own.

Experts had predicted a wave of influenza that would add to the burden on hospitals this winter. But that wave never made it to shore.

There were only 165 patients hospitalized nationwide with the flu since October. Last season there were 400,000.

The mild flu season was held at bay with COVID measures such as masks and social distancing. Perhaps the biggest factor: Kids — who are usually super spreaders — have been staying home.


    • Yeah, something tells me that missing 99.5% of flu cases still happened but were just counted as COVID. Just a hunch.

      We have been lied to from Day 1 about COVID. The week the Fraud-in-Chief was installed, the WHO changed the COVID testing methodology to reduce the number of “false positives”. Strangely, that coincided with Biden rejoining the WHO and giving them $400 million. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. Of course, the Fraud-in-Chief also claimed that Trump had no plan for COVID, and then after his installation he quietly admitted that he had no plan either.

      This whole thing has been politicized in the name of power by the left since the start. Only a fool would trust them now. or their numbers.


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