Upton: Internet connectivity a top priority for House committee

(Photo supplied/DOE photographer Ken Shipp)

The GOP membership of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce says the pandemic has amplified the challenges faced by families that still don’t have reliable access to the internet.

They point out that this has prevented millions of people from accessing vital health care, remote work, and other economic resources.

Congressman Fred Upton says many people across Michigan’s 6th District still lack access to quality broadband, and calls it a real problem. He says he and his House Commerce colleagues have made high-speed broadband a top priority for families and businesses in underserved areas.



  1. These kinds of programs always cost a ridiculous amount of money to connect a very small number of people. It is literally the government paying for things which are not economically viable, and it works about as well as one would expect.

    RINO Upton needs to GO.

  2. Broadband is an essential service everywhere in America. Like electricity. And the fact that the U.S. lacks good broadband in so many areas is a disgrace. Last time I saw the numbers we were something like 18th in broadband coverage among developed nations, 18th!! Broadband is essential for modern, high-tech agricultural operations, rural medical centers, as well as schools and public services. If we want healthy rural communities and if want to give children who live in those communities a shot at the American dream, we need to provide them with broadband. We can’t rely solely on the cherry-picking deployments of folks like Comcast/Xfinity; they don’t give a damn about rural folks. I disagree with Upton frequently, but he’s absolutely correct to push this issue.

  3. People in rural America deserve Broadband as much as people in big urban areas. Part of the need is being created by people leaving big urban areas to smaller communities for a better life style


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