USPS asks residents to clear snow and ice for mail carriers

(Tommie Lee/MNC)

The US Postal Service is asking customers to please make sure they clear snow and ice from paths and mailboxes.

They say their letter carriers are used to the winter conditions, but they still need the cooperation of homeowners to help them reduce the risk of accidents.

Banks of snow and patches of ice in front of mailboxes create havoc for carriers trying to safely deliver mail, so clearing a path to the mailbox that includes steps, porches and walkways as well as approaches from the street, can help keep everyone safe.


  1. There was a time where this was considered “common courtesy” and people knew to do it without being asked. It’s sad how far we have fallen.

  2. It is a great pity that USPS is not as dilligent in delivering mail on time to the correct mailbox, how far they have fallen . Bring in Amazon and have done with these people at USPS . Announcing the end of first class mail is stupid , the public lost first class service years ago and higher prices just irritate an already angry public with USPS, SACK THEIR BOARD SACK THE POST MASTERS ET AL !!!


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