Mishawaka restaurant suffers damage from invading mob

(Photo supplied/Marissa Zimney)

Video of people running from a Mishawaka restaurant after police arrived on scene made the social media rounds early on Saturday, Feb. 20.

The incident happened late Friday  night. Mishawaka Police were called to the restaurant but made no arrests. An investigation is underway.

According to a statement from the ownership of Monterrey Mexican Bar and Grill, they were overrun, on Friday night, by a mob of younger individuals that they say caused damage to the restaurant, then fled the scene as soon as police were called.

This is the full statement from Monterrey Mexican Bar and Grill:

Last night, February 19, 2021, there was an incident that took place at Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill. Within the hour of our closing time, the restaurant received a huge influx of customers through the door that quickly turned into a “mob” like take-over of our restaurant; creating an impossible circumstance for our staff despite their continuous best efforts to control the situation. The police were called and when arriving on the scene individuals were recorded jumping off of our roof and running through our parking lot. This may be due to the fact they these individuals, whom we have on camera, had invaded our restaurant moving through our kitchen, storage areas, and more. While there was no criminal activity observed by the police officers and no reports filed we take this situation very seriously and are currently reviewing internal videos of the timeline of what took place.

Our restaurant has experienced serious damage due to these “mob” like events in the past weeks. This has pushed us to continue to put protocols in place to try and control these serious “mob” like waves of traffic coming into our restaurant while still adhering to all social distancing guidelines. We want to be clear that there was no event in our upstairs event space or restaurant planned party. The events that took place last night were not of Monterrey, but of individuals who overtook our restaurant facility. We have zero-tolerance for this type of behavior on our property. We take serious pride in ensuring a safe work environment for our employees and dining experience for our customers. We will be reviewing internal video and our current protocols to ensure we prevent a “mob” like presence from overrunning our restaurant again.
We thank you for your support during this time and are committed to the safety of both our customers and our staff.

Megan Ramirez

Ownership was not immediately made aware of any open investigation into the incident targeting either the individuals involved or on the restaurant itself. Ownership has made it very clear to 95.3 MNC that there was no event planned for the night, and they in no way played host to the events willingly.

(Monterey Mexican Bar and Grill is a paid advertiser on 95.3 WTRC FM, and sponsors regular station events.)

Video of the incident can be seen from a Facebook post below:

Further statements from ownership may be coming at a later time, and will be updated with this story as more details are released.


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