South Bend releases results of 2020 Community Survey


The City of South Bend has released the results of the 2020 Community Survey.

Residents were asked about city services and their overall opinions about South Bend’s direction.

Though there was overall satisfaction with city leadership and city services, when it came to public safety, respondents indicated the city should focus on efforts to prevent crime, increasing visibility of police in neighborhoods and improving the overall feeling of safety in neighborhoods.

Regarding the quality of the city’s streets, residents said the city should focus on the condition of streets and sidewalks in neighborhoods and the condition of major city streets.

The City of South Bend released the following information:

The City of South Bend has released the results of the 2020 Community Survey, which asked residents their thoughts on city services and their overall thoughts about South Bend’s direction.

The City’s Department of Innovation & Technology has also developed an interactive Community Insights Dashboard to allow residents to explore the data and compare South Bend’s survey results to peer Great Lakes region cities.

The survey includes representative samples from each council district in the city, meaning that the people surveyed are reflective of the overall population’s demographics.

The survey was conducted in the summer of 2020 by ETC institute, a national firm that has administered surveys in over 700 cities. The Community Survey was administered by mail and could be completed by mail, online, and by phone. Residents could also respond to the survey in Spanish by phone.

Residents can view the survey results and explore a Community Insights Dashboard by visiting



  1. So the recent mayor of a city that has very broken streets is now in charge of the entire nation’s transportation system, thanks to Sniffy Biden and his diversity hiring. This will not end well.

    I’m sure if we just give everyone Lime bikes it will all work out.


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