South Bend board members opposing bills being considered in the Statehouse


The South Bend school board has unanimously passed a resolution opposing three bills being considered in the Indiana Statehouse.

The bills would expand who can qualify for school vouchers from the state that can be used for students to attend private schools.

South Bend Community School leaders say the bills would cut into public funding for schools when they need it now more than ever.

Right now, families of four making up to 73-thousand a year qualify for a 50-percent school voucher.

These bills would double that — eventually allowing families earning 145-thousand to get tuition assistance.


  1. I do not understand the public school opposition The Public schools get half of the state aid, for students they no longer need to teach This is less cost for the public schools while getting revenue ?? Taking this to an extreme, if all students left a public school, say 1000 students getting 5000 each from the state, the public schools would get 2,500,000 – over 2 million for not teaching?

  2. So we can’t get kids vouchers because the schools need the money, and the “educators” don’t care about the outcomes for the kids as much as they do the money in their budgets.

    This is EXACTLY why we need to EXPAND the voucher system!


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