Michigan emergency powers battle continues

(Tommie Lee)

The possible repeal of an emergency powers law that allowed Michigan’s governor to issue coronavirus restrictions has cleared a key hurdle.

The Michigan Elections Bureau said the effort has collected enough petitions. If the Board of State Canvassers certify the initiative it’s likely to sail through the Republican-led Legislature, and Governor Whitmer would be unable to veto it.

The Michigan Supreme Court declared the law itself unconstitutional but the organizers of the effort seek a permanent repeal.


  1. We live in a Constitutional Republic. The US Constitution guarantees to each state a Constitutional Republic as the form of government. In our Republic The People through their elected legislature is in control, MUST BE IN CONTROL. There must be MEANINGFUL restrictions on the tendency of individuals, especially governors and their unelected health officer flacks, who have a tendency to tyranny. Otherwise we have a dictatorship not unlike that found in Nazi Germany or under Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. With the cancel culture in full swing big tech and the media are walking hand in hand with the tyrants.

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