Holcomb seeks to sue legislature in latest chapter of Indy power struggle

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Governor Holcomb has filed a lawsuit to block an emergency powers bill, asking a trial judge to issue a permanent injunction.

Holcomb says he took an oath to uphold the constitution of the State of Indiana, and has an obligation to do so.

He says the filing is about the future of the executive branch and every governor who serves after him.

The legal showdown between Holcomb and members of the General Assembly is the latest salvo in a power struggle between the executive and legislative branches that began last year when the governor issued COVID-related orders that some conservative lawmakers didn’t support.

Last week the legislature passed a bill giving themselves the authority to convene during statewide disaster emergencies, and on Friday Holcomb vetoed it on the grounds that it was “unconstitutional.”

Attorney General Todd Rokita has to give Holcomb power to sue, adding yet another layer to an already twisted standoff.




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