AG Nessel: Scammers targeting Michigan unemployment recipients


Michigan’s Attorney General says there are reports of a scam targeting people who have filed for unemployment in the state.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says you shouldn’t click on any links in a text message that claim to be from Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency.

Nessel says people are receiving the messages that claim to be from the UIA and urge the recipient to click a link and log in or risk losing their benefits. The sender is actually looking to collect personal information and steal identities.

The UIA will ONLY contact people through their official account, or through the mail. If you have any doubts about a message, contact the agency directly to confirm.

Similar scams have been reported in other states.


  1. How did Dana Nessel find the time to read this press release? Blocking investigations into the 2020 election fraud and suppressing any discussion of that fraud seems like it would be a full time job. Those affiants aren’t going to silence themselves!


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