City of South Bend bans Bradford pear tree


South Bend has had enough of the Bradford pear tree. So, the city is banning it.

You won’t be able to buy a Bradford pear in South Bend starting September 1, and planting the tree will also be prohibited. Trees that are already planted will be allowed to stay.

The problem with the pear? The tree is considered invasive. It blooms so early that it spreads its seeds before other trees can do the same, crowding out native trees like the flowering dogwood and tulip.


  1. THIS is the biggest problem facing South Bend right now? TREES?

    Rampant crime, daily shootings, spillover gang violence from Chicago/Detroit, generational poverty, and societal decay… And you morons are worried about pear trees.

    The liberal mentality is simply astonishing.

  2. Meanwhile there are still potholes big enough that we could plant a damn Bradford pear tree into…

  3. Last week I came to South Bend courthouse to pay my taxes . I parked on the east side of the courthouse only to have a woman on the corner screaming I’m not a homosexual And cursing everyone in site . Upon leaving in front of the courthouse I was hit up by a homeless person wanting money . My response was if you can afford smokes , you don’t need my money.
    Last fall I mailed letters to the commissioners , health officer , and state
    Health officer to draft a ordnance requiring
    Foot door openers in food handling and restaurants to help stop the spread of flu and covid . I ask for a reply .
    The only one I got was a very detailed letter from the state health officer .
    I was ignored by our local arrogant leaders
    And of course pear trees are more important . No work involved


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