Survey suggest work needed to get more Berrien County residents connected to broadband


A survey of broadband internet availability in Berrien County suggests a lot of work needs to be done to get more people online.

The survey conducted by the research group Merit Network showed that 35 percent of residents polled have no internet connectivity.

Of the residents that have no internet access, more than 85 percent said ther are no services are available at their home and more than 10 percent stated that the price for service is too high.

While the survey indicates that the cities of Niles and Buchanan have broadband, only 20 percent of Niles Township and just over 75 percent of Buchanan Township has no access. The survey’s results will be used by the county to apply for state and federal grants tog et high speed internet to the county’s underserved areas.


  1. Who edited this?

    Also, StarLink or other services. Broadband is available for anyone willing to pay to have the service. People who are just whining because it’s not free don’t deserve it anyway.

    • Exactly this!

      By the time government spends billions to get rural areas connected, Starlink will be there to make that expenditure moot.

      This is a “stellar” example of why government should stay out of these things (pardon the pun).


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