Kroger says they will still require face masks for now

("Kroger sign" by mcsquishee, CC BY 2.0)

Mask on, masks off…everything’s a question mark right now.

But not at Kroger.

The nation’s largest supermarket operator announced Friday that they will continue requiring masks at their thousands of grocery stores in the interest of promoting the public health.

This decision came a day after the new relaxed mask guidelines from the CDC pertaining to those who are fully vaccinated.

Kroger adds that they are continuing to review current safety practices to guide future decisions. The company has also offered a one-time $100 payment to employees who choose to get vaccinated.


  1. It’s good that Kroger is the largest supermarket operator in the country, because that means they won’t mind losing my business over their idiocy. Won’t affect them at all, right?

    Just like Coke isn’t cutting its product portfolio after their racist corporate training caused a sales drop, Target didn’t scrap it’s crown jewel store projects after the bathroom idiocy, and Kellogs didn’t stumble after their missteps. Dicks, Nike, and Levis lost a lot of revenue too.

    But hey, virtue signaling is a safe business strategy… Right?


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