Braun calls for Clay teacher at center of controversy to be reinstated

(provided by his Senate office)

On Friday, Senator Mike Braun called for the reinstatement of a South Bend teacher who was suspended last week.

The teacher was placed on leave after failing to follow District guidelines for guest speaker approval, having invited a Right To Life Michiana speaker to present to a health class at Clay High School.

Braun said Friday “The classroom should be a place that holds a diversity of thought, and students should be given all possible resources to make their own informed decisions.” He added his belief that teachers should not be unfairly targeted because of politics, and that he feels the teacher should be immediately reinstated.


  1. That would mean that Planned Parenthood should be offered the opportunity to discuss birth control as and alternative to celibacy. Is that correct Senator Braun?

    • It is. The issue here is that a teacher would not be suspended for an unapproved Planned Parenthood visit, due to politics. SBCSC is infested by leftists, and the hypocrisy of the left is breathtaking.


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