Holcomb visits Israel as ceasefire calms tensions

(Holcomb for Indiana)

Governor Holcomb landed in Israel Tuesday morning at the invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Holcomb is the first U.S. Governor to travel to Israel this year, and will spend Wednesday there as well as he meets with the Prime Minister and other Israeli leaders.

Holcomb said he stands “in support of Israel” and noted that the Hoosier State has a growing number of citizens and businesses that share strong cultural and economic ties with the country.

The governor led a business delegation to Israel in 2018 to meet with Netanyahu. He returns Thursday and his office says no taxpayer funds were used to pay for the trip.



  1. What exactly is the point of a state Governor visiting Israel, or any other country for that matter?

    Seems like that time could be better spent domestically.


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