PETA plans billboard at site of Goshen chicken spill to encourage vegans

(PETA press release)

PETA is crying foul about the chickens that were killed last week when a poultry truck lost its load in Goshen, and they plan on putting up a billboard.

The planned billboard overlooking the intersection of Third and Main streets will show one chicken staring at the viewer, and will read “See the Individual. Go Vegan.”

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says “birds died in terror and agony as a result of this crash,” and said the traumatized survivors were taken away and killed for the dinner table. She says the ad encourages people who were disturbed at the incident and its aftermath to consider going vegan.


  1. I can’t shake the feeling that the people at PETA only have time to worry about this crap because they don’t have a life. Or friends. Or family that will even talk to them. They are just bored Karens who need a cause to cry about to fill their empty existence.

    Just a hunch…

    • I’m a PETA supporter with a big family, an amazing fiance, the two best puppers, supportive friends, a career, and a side hustle. I just think that each of us needs to try and reduce suffering wherever we can in the world. And especially for animals who are so vulnerable to humans’ cruelty and abuse.

  2. It’s to bad that they worry more about animals than their fellow humans. They must lead a very dreary life. Oh well, more chicken for us.

  3. I love this call to go vegan! Animals are intelligent, sensitive beings who value their lives and don’t want to be killed. Kinder, healthier options are readily available.

  4. I love this idea. Is it too much to ask people to stop for just a moment and consider WHO is on their plate, not what?

  5. I hope this makes people think more about chickens. They feel pain, grief, love, and joy, just as humans do. There’s nothing anyone can do to bring back the birds who died in traffic but we can all help other chickens just by choosing vegan foods.

  6. And I’m sure Peta participants think about that daily as I’m sure none of them wear any leather or dont drink milk. Just a bunch of hypocrites when you get down to it. Known fact that PETA kills more cats and dogs than all of the Humane society put together.

  7. This thread delivers! This is the part where someone points out that without chicken farming, none of those chickens would have ever even existed in the first place.

    Is a life better than no life at all?

  8. It’s called a food chain. Everything eats something. Get over it.

    But hey, all my meat identifies as vegetables so I’m a virtual vegan…I’ll take mine medium rare.

    Also, my food craps on your food losers.


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