Two Michigan GOP officials pushing for additional 2020 election audit


At least two GOP officials and a number of state activists are pushing for an audit of the 2020 election in the state.

Grassroots Vice Chair Marian Sheridan and Coalitions Vice Chair Tami Carlone, both stalwart Trump supporters, are urging GOP activists to fill out a demand for audit affidavit and sent it to the State Senate Majority Leader.

President Biden won the state by more than 154 thousand votes according to official election results that were certified by a bipartisan board of state canvassers, and Congress.

Bridge Michigan reports this renewed push highlights a divide among Michigan Republicans, with state GOP Executive Director Jason Roe saying the party is focused on the 2022 election, not a campaign that was already lost.




  1. The establishment GOP rolled over and showed their belly to the Democrats in 2020 because they wanted to be rid of Trump also. He was upsetting their apple cart! The GOPe has a good racket going, fundraising by making conservative noises and then caving to the Chamber of Commerce and the left on every important issue once they were in office.

    Trump messed their racket up, because his voters expect their elected officials to actually DO SOMETHING.


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