Announcement expected about Michigan’s COVID restrictions by the end of the week

(Tommie Lee)

In the coming days, Governor Whitmer may remove Michigan’s COVID-19 health order earlier than expected.

The Governor has hinted there could be an announcement soon thanks to the declining coronavirus rates and an increase in vaccination numbers.

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services coronavirus order is set to expire on July 1, but could end earlier.

M-Live reports that the remaining restrictions include a 50% capacity limit at most indoor public spaces and a mask mandate indoors for unvaccinated people, as well as other precautions.

An announcement could come today or tomorrow.



  1. Wow not like being the LAST Gov. to reduce restrictions for the State. That’s being very bold!
    And I beat she will say it’s because of all she has done that they can do this. She is the WORST GOV next to nipple rig boy in New York


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