Woman charged in motorcyclist’s death

("police line do not cross" by Heather, CC BY 2.0)

An Elkhart woman has been charged with causing the death of a motorcyclist in a crash that happened last November.

Investigators say 24-year-old Makalah Henderson was driving a Nissan Cube in the 2500 block of Toledo Road and pulled into the path of two motorcyclists. One was able to swerve out of the way. The other was not.

32-year-old Seth Owen died of his injuries at Memorial Hospital in South Bend. Police say Henderson had THC in her blood at the time of the crash and stands accused of causing a death when operating a motor vehicle with a controlled substance in her blood.


    • I would have guessed she was texting or video chatting, it seems to be a very commonplace distraction (even though it is now illegal).

      I think phone logs should be pulled after an accident, and if the driver was using their phone the penalties should be akin to a DUI. From the victim’s perspective, there’s not much of a difference.


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