Get ready for Impossible Chicken Nuggets

(courtesy of Impossible.)

You might have had an impossible burger. Maybe even an impossible sausage breakfast sandwich or impossible Italian meatballs. But now the impossible chicken is coming home to roost.

Impossible Foods of Redwood City, California is planning on releasing meatless chicken nuggets this fall, the latest in their line of plant-based meat substitutes.

Impossible told CNBC that chicken has overtaken beef in the last decade as the top meat choice in America, making it a logical choice for those who create meat alternatives to work on next.

Soy protein and sunflower oil will be used to mimic the taste and texture of chicken.

The Impossible Chicken Nuggets will be introduced later this week at a trade show, and a global launch is planned for the fall.


  1. You know what’s really impossible?

    Getting me to try any of this junk. Somehow, I think I am not alone…


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