Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas plans lecture at Notre Dame this fall

By Know1one1 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will host a lecture at The University of Notre Dame later this year. Justice Thomas will speak on September 16 as the first in a series of lecture events funded by Timothy Busch.

It will be called the Napa Institute Forum at the University of Notre Dame, and the lecture will take place at the recently-launched Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government.

The Center says Notre Dame can expect to host more national political figures in the future.




  1. “The University of Notre Dame has launched the Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government, a new hub of scholarship and education that strives to be a national focal point on Catholicism, constitutional government, and liberal democracy.”

    What do the lefties at Notre Dame know about constitutional government? This was also partly funded by the Kochs (at least one of them) so this is doubly suspect. It smells like a fake think tank to me…


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