Goshen couple who defied zoning rules escape jail stay and a large fine

("Prison Bars Jail Cell" by Jobs For Felons Hub, CC BY 2.0)

A Goshen couple who ignored both city zoning rules and a judge’s order for months by placing large signs in their yard have evaded a five-month jail stay and $10,000 dollar fine by promising not to do it again.

Bradley and Lori Arnold were found in contempt of court during a hearing, this week. The City of Goshen has been seeking to bring them into compliance with the zoning code since November, saying the handmade signs in their front yard were larger than the 8 square feet allowed in residential areas.

The Elkhart Truth reports the judge ruled for the city, but the city filed a motion stating that the Arnolds still had not come into compliance. The Arnolds told the judge they felt like they were being targeted for their political beliefs. Lori Arnold has since indicated that they plan to sell their home.


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