Details on a tense situation involving a man wielding a knife

Photo supplied / ABC-57 News

Details have been released about a tense situation with a knife-wielding suspect ended peacefully, despite attempts to escalate the situation.

It happened on Sunday morning, August 22, in the 700 block of South Main Street in South Bend where officers were called on the report of shots fired.

Officers made contact with the suspect, Charles Clemons, who ignored their commands to stop.

Investigators say some homeless individuals interfered, despite repeated directions to stay back. As officers closed in, Clemons was swinging a knife.

After several minutes of talking to him while trying to keep others away, he placed the knife on the ground.

Officers were then able to detain him and recover his backpack, which had a gun inside.

Clemons was arrested on preliminary charges of carrying a handgun without a license, being a felon in possession of a firearm and intimidation.



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