Pence on Biden address: Unlike anything he’s ever heard from an American President

(Ryan Dorgan/The Elkhart Truth)

When former Vice President Mike Pence was watching President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response speech Thursday, he called it “unlike anything he had ever heard from an American President.”

“I mean, to have the President of the United States say that he has been patient but his patience is wearing thin. That’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leaders,” said Pence in a Friday morning interview on “Fox and Friends.”

Pence said the President should continue to lead by example and encourage people to take the vaccine just as both he and his wife Karen did on national television in December.

The former Indiana governor also argued Biden’s decision to impose vaccine mandates does not respect the leadership at the state level. He referenced his time when he was the Vice President under Donald Trump and oversaw the delivery of resources to fight the coronavirus to all 50 states.

“We got governors across the country what they needed when they needed it, and we respected them to make the decisions best for their state. And now to have a president not just scolding the American people but scolding governors around the country, it just is not the American way. And I expect the response they are going to get across the country will prove that,” said Pence.

President Biden is ready for possible legal challenges to his new vaccine mandates.

“Have at it,” said Biden while visiting a middle school in Washington, D.C.


  1. Judas Pence needs to shut up and go away with his 30 pieces of silver. He had the power to pump the brakes and do some investigation, and chose not to.

    Biden isn’t worried about court challenges, he owns the courts. Or at least his handlers do….


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