Travel ban for foreigners soon to be lifted


Fully vaccinated foreigners can start visiting the U.S. later this year.

The White House announced Monday that vaccinated foreign visitors will be able to visit the country starting in November.

All travelers will need to show proof of vaccination. In addition to a negative COVID, taken within three days of their departure.

Early last year, travel bans were put in place to curb the coronavirus outbreak.


  1. What a farce! The fraud in the White House has been restricting legitimate travel to the US, even as he allows hordes of COVID positive (20+%) and unvaccinated (less than 1%) to come freely across the Southern border, and then gives them plane tickets to communities across the USA without vetting or swabbing or vaxxing anyone.

    It’s not possible to “accidentally” be this corrupt and duplicitous, this is INTENTIONAL.


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