SE Michigan health provider looking overseas to fill nurse shortfall

Image by Julio César Velásquez Mejía from Pixabay

One of Michigan’s largest health care providers is looking overseas for nurses.

Henry Ford Health System is one of the major health care hubs in the state, and is currently seeking hundreds of nurses for Southeastern Michigan. And much of their effort is focused on The Philippines, according to WZZM.

The health system says they had dropped 120 beds from five hospitals last week due to staffing shortages, ,and they aren’t the only one. An official with Henry Ford says some hospital workers are “simply worn out” after more than a year on the front lines of fighting the virus.


  1. I call BS!

    Henry Ford Health System has no staff because of their COVID mandate, just like Memorial and Elkhart General hospitals. It has nothing to do with being “worn out”.


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