Michigan’s Line 5 pipeline temporarily shut down after perceived threat

By ElementBroccoli (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Line 5 was temporarily shut down by operator Enbridge Tuesday after protestors warned the company that they planned on tampering with an emergency valve.

A video on social media showed someone with a hard hat and a wrench inside a secure fenced-in area north of Detroit.

An Enbridge spokesperson called the threat not a lawful protest but a “criminal activity”.

Line 5 has been targeted for shut down by Governor Whitmer, who calls it a threat to The Great Lakes.


  1. It’s time to start tossing the eco-terrorists in jail, right next to BLM and Antifa!

    Won’t happen though, we are in a post-law country where you will never be punished if you have the right (left?) politics.


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