National Guard arrives to help out at Goshen Health

(Photo supplied/Goshen Health)

Members of the National Guard have arrived in Elkhart County to help healthcare workers keep up with the COVID-19 situation.

There is a shortage of healthcare workers across the country, and WSBT reports that guard members are also offering a helping hand at Elkhart General and several other hospitals around the state as well.

On Wednesday Goshen Health announced that 16 members of the National Guard were pitching in to ease the strain. The Indiana State Department of Health is helping to coordinate the efforts of the Guard at area hospitals.



  1. As of August, Goshen Health had not instituted vaccine mandates. Has this changed?

    Is the “shortage” of staff at Goshen Health because they jumped on the mandate bandwagon? This is what happened at Memorial and Elkhart General. Mandates were instituted, staff left instead of getting the experimental injection, and then taxpayers had to foot the bill for the labor costs by sending in the national guard.

    I remember when lefties used to complain about privatizing profits and socializing losses. Now it is ok, I guess?

  2. The right bungled the virus, shut the country down to save lives but then cries about wearing a mask or getting a approved shot to save lives, where was your freedom when you were sitting at home week after week long after Easter, you voted for project warp speed so get your shot righty

    • Masks are a joke, according to math and physics. It’s simply a matter of scale.

      Thalidomide was “approved” also, how did that work out?

      And unlike you lefties, I don’t have to agree with everything my elected representative does: us righties don’t have “leaders”. I supported rapid development, but not mandates and clinging to irrational fear long after the facts are known.

      Go put on 17 masks and get your booster shot, sheep! Remember to mask up when you are alone in the car, too!


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