Four Indiana religious colleges make the ‘worst’ list from a national LGBTQ group

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Four small, private, religious colleges in Indiana have found themselves on the ‘worst ‘ list from a national LGBTQ group.

Campus Pride has released its list of school that it says discriminate or makes learning unsafe for gay students.

Indiana Wesleyan, Taylor University, Bethel University and the University of St. Francis all made the list.

There are no accusations of any actual, physical violence at the schools.

Instead, Campus Pride takes issue with the fact that all four schools have been given religious exemptions to Title Nine, which is designed to fight discrimination.


  1. Good! Those 4 schools should wear that status with pride!

    Having the courage to stand up against the woke alphabet idiots is a selling point.

    • Lgbtqrstupid needs to get a life and stop harassing good people for their rights. Move on and stop trying to force people to accept perverted lifestyle choices as acceptable. For many people with biblical morals, it’s not normal to them and never will be. So, stop!

  2. So instead of advertising the LGBTEIEIO friendly schools the gaystoppo bashes christian colleges that adhere to Holy Scripture which is the basis for their existence int he first place. No doubt these 4 colleges have gay students. But the schools are not being intimidated by them or their political agenda.

  3. Not sure how much “church” you all have attended, probably a lot, however you obvious have NOT been paying attention. Yeshua gave one commandment that ranks above all. FEAR GOD AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Never once did he say hate. YOU all are the ones he drew a line in the sand for. Good luck with your club of exclusion, GOD hates that with perfect hatred. Check the “good book”.

    • Touche, The cherry picking Christians seem to all believe that only their sect will occupy heaven. They will be most fascinated when they do not get in. After all, it is the power of God and only God to judge and any interpretation of the Holy Scriptures are just that, human interpretations and not necessarily from the Divine.


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