NIPSCO solar projects break ground

(Photo supplied/NIPSCO)

NIPSCO is moving forward with a pair of solar projects in Northern Indiana…

Groundbreaking ceremonies have taken place at Dunns Bridge Solar One and Indiana Crossroads Solar.

Dunns Bridge, in Jasper County, will include an estimated 900 thousand solar panels. It’s expected to be operational next year and will be followed by around 1.5 million panels in 2023 when Dunns Bridge Solar Two goes online.

Indiana Crossroads Solar, in White County, will be a joint venture disbursing more than $1 million each year to landowners and more than $40 million in local government payments.

The projects were selected in 2019.




  1. Great, another green boondoggle that will not only fail to work (we get SNOW here in Indiana) but will also cause a lot of toxic waste, both in the creation of and disposal of these “green” solar panels.

    The only “green” these environmental goofballs care about is the green of money, in the pockets of the green corporations who sell this junk and donate to Democrats.


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