Goshen preparing to add 8 traffic cameras to crimefighting effort

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

The City of Goshen is installing cameras that read license plates.

Eight of the cameras are being installed after a recent unanimous vote by the Goshen Board of Works to approve a one-year, $20,000 agreement with camera maker Flock Safety.

WVPE reports that the cameras will be installed at strategic locations and automatically take a picture of the rear of any car that passes. It’s part of an effort to prevent crime. All footage is deleted after 30 days but in the event of Amber Alerts or other vehicle-involved crimes, the police will have access to a database that can assist them.



    • That’s a horrible idea. I back the Blue 100%, but for-profit policing is a plague on a free society. Traffic radar cams end up being for-profit policing 100% of the time.

      Even this measure seems innocent enough, but it is really just getting the camel’s nose in the tent for other cameras that DO make a profit.


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