Navy personnel to assist at Indiana’s largest hospital


The U.S. Navy is landing at Indiana’s largest hospital to lend a helping hand.

A 23-person U.S. Navy team will be answering a call for help from IU Health Methodist Hospital, just north of Indy. The team includes doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists who have been reassigned temporarily at the request of FEMA. IU Health had requested the help to relieve staffers who are overwhelmed and working long hours amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.

The Navy team will work at the hospital for a month in the units where the need is greatest.


  1. What, no mention of IU Health causing this problem for themselves by enforcing their stupid vaccine mandates by firing much of their staff?

    And now the Federal government is wasting our tax dollars paying the hospital’s labor costs?

    This is stupid. The administrators should be fired, the mandates eliminated, the staff rehired, and the Navy personnel should be doing Navy stuff.

  2. Once again the Department of Everything is used to do things that have nothing to do with defense of the nation.

    People complain about the defense budget but then want the military to do EVERYTHING.


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