Indiana Democratic Party leaders want GOP to do more to get Hoosiers vaccinated

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Department of Health)

Leaders in the Indiana Democratic Party do not believe Republicans are doing enough to convince Hoosiers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, said Drew Anderson, spokesperson for Indiana Democrats. Anderson said two bills being introduced by Republicans in the upcoming legislative sessio9n actually work against that goal.

Anderson said he credits Gov. Eric Holcomb for his efforts, citing his Wednesday briefing, but said other Republican representatives have failed.

“He’s (Holcomb) actually gotten a little bit more vocal about getting more people vaccinated. But, he’s the only one on the Republican side,” said Anderson, who added he believes the state legislature should do more to encourage vaccinations.

“They need to up their game. Since March and April the supermajority in the statehouse has kind of been quiet about any sort of vaccination campaign,” he said.

In a Wednesday news release, Democrats accused Republicans of “irrational behavior”, regarding the COVID shot.

“Republicans made our state the most dangerous place to live during the pandemic, and they now plan to make Indiana the Wild West should they force House Bill 1001 and Senate Bill 114 through the statehouse this session,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party.

“Only Eric Holcomb can put a stop to the GOP’s irrational behavior, but it’ll take a willingness to publicly buck his party and put his political future at risk to get it done. Leadership requires some tough calls, and it’s time for the Governor to do just that: be a leader. It’s time to put Hoosier lives and the truth ahead of partisanship,” she said.

Anderson said Democrats take issue with the bills particularly the one offered in the House, which would require employers to pay for testing.

“It’s the responsibility of the state and federal government to make sure that Indiana and Hoosier families can move on from the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. “Why would the state government force employers to pay for testing? The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is firmly opposed to that bill.”

Anderson said he believes Republicans, in supporting the measure, are going against the business community. He said Democrats believe people should have the freedom to make a choice about whether they want the vaccine, but that it is also a “patriotic duty”.

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Charles U Farley January 4, 2022 at 4:52 pm

If COVID was really as bad as the party of make-believe claims it is, they wouldn’t have to “convince” (spelled COERCE) people into taking the experimental vaccine.

The only question is whether these state Dems actually believe the junk they are peddling of if they are just making a political power play.


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