Several Jimtown students walk out Monday in support of teacher

Jimtown High School Logo (twitter)

Monday, dozens of students reportedly walked out of Jimtown High School in support of a former teacher.

Friday afternoon the schools announced that teacher Mike Hosinski was no longer employed by the Baugo Community Schools. In January he had submitted a request to retire, according to WSBT.

Over the weekend a second news release clarified that Hosinski had submitted a request to retire immediately after the incident at the school, where he had allegedly harmed a student during an altercation. Previous reports that he was fired were erroneous.

The investigation is ongoing and a school board meeting was planned for Monday night that would discuss the matter further.



  1. When will the rest of the story be released? The teacher should never have raised a hand to this kid but he didn’t do so because he didn’t like the hoodie. I suspect the kid hurled some sort of obscenity, knowing he could do so with impunity. When will we hear about the provocation?


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