New study from Prevent Cancer Foundation suggests half of Americans are missing screenings

Millions of people have opted to put off their routine cancer screenings out of fear of exposure to COVID-19 at hospitals and doctors' offices. (Adobe Stock)

A new study from the Prevent Cancer Foundation suggests half of all Americans are missing cancer screenings and minorities are at higher risk.

After two years of navigating the pandemic, Americans’ health care routines continue to be disrupted.

The latest survey from the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the organization, which is focused on cancer prevention and early detection, shows an alarming trend of Americans continuing to miss their routine doctor’s appointments and cancer screenings.

Survey respondents continue to cite a desire to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 as the number one reason for missing appointments.

The Foundation’s previous survey, last May, showed more people making it to their appointments, but the gains were erased for several age groups, likely a result of the spread of the omicron variant.

Out of all ethnicities surveyed, the survey suggested Hispanics were the most likely to miss a scheduled appointment.


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