EF-0 tornado touches down in Cass County early Sunday

("nssl0232" by NOAA Photo Library, CC BY 2.0)

There was an EF-0 tornado that touched down in Cass County early Sunday.

The National Weather Service in Northern Indiana says it appeared around 2 am in the small town of Royal Center. It has a population of fewer than 1,000 people.

“It caused damage to some trees as well as a chimney on a house and it ripped off an enclosed porch from a residence in that area,” said Chris Roller, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana.

Roller says the tornado brought winds as high as 70 mph and had a path length of approximately one-half mile. No injuries were reported.

“A lot of the people in that area were able to receive the warning information during the overnight period as a result of being woken up by their NOAA weather radios,” said Roller.

Roller says you should get a NOAA weather radio if you don’t already have one.

Storm damage was also reported in and around Columbia City, Huntington, LaPorte, and Logansport.


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