Elkhart County man arrested on weapons charge in LaPorte County

(Photo supplied/LaPorte County Jail)

A man wanted in Elkhart County was arrested during a traffic stop on Monday, March 14, after police found the man with a gun.

LaPorte County Sheriff’s deputies say a driver blew past them, on U.S. 20, traveling over the speed limit, so they initiated a stop near County Road 250 East.

The deputy discovered a 9 millimeter pistol in the vehicle and learned that a passenger, identified as Kameron Martin, 29, was wanted in Elkhart County.

Martin was arrested for possession of a handgun with a prior felony conviction, and a hold was placed on him for Elkhart County authorities.


  1. I wonder if he had a handgun license???? IT appears that the LaPorte County Sheriff Deputies managed to collar a dangerous person without knowing if he had a license or not. What about that Mr. Carter???????

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