What you need to know about E-15 fuel rule change

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You’ve heard about President Biden’s executive order suspending rules saying gas stations cannot sell E-15 gasoline during the summer months as a way to fend off high gas prices.

Gas stations typically cannot sell E-15, which is gasoline mixed with 15-percent ethanol made from corn, during the summer months. The policy has been in place as a rule to fend off climate change because of how E-15 impacts the climate.

But, because of high gas prices, the White House is suspending this policy to give you some relief.

“It’s always got to be balanced against the very important environmental considerations that are part of this,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in Tell City this week. “But, I do think the steps that wouldn’t normally be on the table have to be considered in a time like this because we care continuing to fight these price increases with everything we’ve got.”

Buttigieg kept with what the White House has been saying all along that the war in Ukraine is the main reason for the high gas prices we’re experiencing.

So with the switch to E-15 in the summer, which is cheap to make and thus cheaper to sell, will you notice a difference when you put it in your car?

“Normal pump gas is E-10, so it already has 10-percent ethanol in it,” said Ivy Tech instructor Rob Finney on WISH-TV, who also serves as a fuel consultant for the auto racing industry. “An E-15 is going to perform very similarly, in fact, most people won’t notice a difference.”

Finney said it’s always good to check your owner’s manual, but said that any cars after 2001 will take E-15 without any issues.

For those concerned about the impact it will have on the climate this summer, Finney adds that most cars now are designed to negate the environmental impacts of E-15.

“The concern is (E-15) causes the gasoline to vaporize quicker, which can get up in the atmosphere and cause issues when it reacts with the sunlight,” said Finney. “In reality, all the cars made in the last 10 to 15 years have vapor recovery systems.”

Gas prices are expected to drop an extra 10-to-15 cents because of the expansion of E-15 use.

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Thomas William Hryck April 18, 2022 at 1:17 pm

Also you get less mileage with e-15.

Charles U Farley April 18, 2022 at 5:52 pm

Great, so FOOD is going to be even more expensive than it was already…

Great job, Sniffy Biden!


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