The United States Air Force, to create a “safe space,” offensive to Jim Banks

(Photo supplied/Jim Banks for Congress)

The United States Air Force is changing some of its policies to create a “safe space” for subordinates to have conversations with their commander/ “Airmen’s Time” is offensive to Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), who dismissed the concept as a woke initiative.

“Well, if they’re using it to pay for safe spaces, we have to question why we would use our taxpayer dollars to go toward initiatives like that,” said Banks, on Fox News. “Wokeness is weakness.”

The Air Force, in a memo sent out to personnel and leaked this week, said “Airmen’s Time” is part of a cultural shift in the service.

“The intent of Airmen’s time is to create a safe space, be present, and ensure that our Air Force culture invites healthy conversation for every Airman…anytime, anywhere,” read part of the memo.

Banks said he believes the military is a place meant to toughen you up to defend America.

“When you wear the uniform you endanger yourself to make America safe. That’s the opposite of a safe space,” he said. “You go to basic training or boot camp to make you tough, to put you in stressful situations, and creating safe spaces is exactly the opposite.”

Banks said he’s embarrassed for everyone who joined the Air Force to protect and defend America.

“For them to see stories like this, that their leadership are imposing such a ridiculous concept on the Air Force, is antithetical to everything we stand for.”

While the Air Force says in the memo that the purpose is to engage everyone at every level, the Army has ventured into what some people call “woke” territory, by mandating that trainees undergo identity and gender training, which includes the use of pronouns.

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