Nationwide baby formula shortage getting worse


Officials at the Food & Drug Administration say a nationwide shortage of baby formula is getting worse.

Major retail chains like Target and CVS are limiting the amount of formula that customers can buy. There are some concerns that Walmart may soon do something similar.

Officials say the out-of-stock rate jumped to 31% nationwide last month, with six states reporting their supplies were completely sold out.

Much of the problem has to do with supply chain issues, and the FDA shutdown of an Abbott Nutrition manufacturing plant in Michigan.


  1. Let’s just get it all from China! Nothing to worry about, it’s not like in 2008 the Chinese killed babies by adding plastic to their baby formula to boost protein levels… (True story, look it up!)

    Biden is so hostile to US manufacturing that importing from China will be our only choice again, and the FDA is compromised and will not properly vet the products.

    Let’s go Brandon!


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