Braun introduces new Safe Schools Act

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
Indiana senator Mike Braun and other lawmakers, including Kansas senator Roger Marshall, have introduced the new Safe Schools Act.
The bill, which was introduced Thursday, allows COVID-relief funds to be used by schools to improve their security. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief, or ESSER, Fund will provide the money.
Senator Braun Tweeted this statement about the bill:
“Too often our schools are tragically viewed as ‘soft targets.’ The remaining COVID funds that have been largely unused or mismanaged would be well spent protecting our children by hardening schools and bolstering school security.”
According to a press release from Senator Braun’s office, the Indiana Department of Education did not use the majority of the money it was given by the ESSER Fund. Around the United States, more than 150 billion dollars from that program have gone unused. If passed, the Safe Schools Act would allow that money to go toward adding things like panic buttons, video surveillance, and armed security personnel to schools.


  1. The bill should demand that Israeli security experts be used to design the security at our schools. They have far more experience with evil doers than we do. Plus they are not necessarily infused with liberal gobbledygook ideas about fairness. With the state of our military and police departments one wonders if they can be trusted. There can be nothing fair about how one is treated as they try to break into a school and kill kids.


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