Man arrested at Olive Garden after allegedly using stolen credit card, threatening with handgun

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A man was arrested at an Olive Garden restaurant on Monday, July 18 after allegedly trying to use a stolen credit card to pay for his meal and threatening the owner of the card with a gun when confronted.

Brandon Nusbaum was arrested after Mishawaka Police Department officers were called the the restaurant for a report of a man with a gun. He was arrested on the charges of unlawful carrying of a handgun and two counts of theft.

ABC 57 News states that the victim of the alleged credit card theft arrived at the restaurant to confront the suspect, identified as Nusbaum. Nausbaum then allegedly showed a handgun in his waistband and threatened to shoot the victim.

When officers arrived at the restaurant, they found Nusbaum had locked himself in the bathroom.

While patting him down, officers found a .177-caliber Sig Saur p320 handgun with a magazine in Nusbaum’s pocket. Officers also found several stolen credit cards that Nusbaum attempted to flush down the toilet.

Restaurant staff reported that they saw the pistol in Nusbaum’s waistband and said he had been causing issues with another man.

Nusbaum is being held at the St. Joseph County Jail on a $2,000 bond and is due in court on August 10.


  1. Sig Sauer makes pellet guns that look like their most popular handguns, including the P320 and P226.
    This guy looks like a real piece of work

  2. Top notch reporting! The average person has little knowledge of cartridge calibers. Regurgitating a description of the “weapon” is fine because it’s factual, but the uneducated anti 2A population only sees “handgun”. That usually translates into “fully semi automatic assault weapon”. I’m a former county cop, I’ve seen this plenty of times. Honestly, the story would have been so much better and more humorous if you stated “local tweaker demands unlimited bread sticks using a stolen credit card and a BB gun”. Still factual, and yet funny. Regardless of your views, we all can laugh at that…agenda free.

  3. Did anyone catch the bail?!?!? $2,000.00 which equals $200.00 cash…. Sounds typical for St. Joe County Libtards…. Two charges of theft and having a “gun” so to speak and a $ 200.00 bail so he can back on the street?!?!…. Well done…. NOT!


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