Monkeypox may soon be declared a Public Health Emergency in the U.S.

(Photo supplied/CDC/NHS England High Consequence Infectious Diseases Network)

The Biden Administration is expected to declare Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency.

Cases have topped 6,600 nationwide as of Thursday afternoon, and officials are hopeful that more vaccines and testing can help control the spread of the outbreak.

A declaration of a Public Health Emergency could open the door for better access to emergency funds and make data collection more streamlined for government officials, which would in turn assist doctors in helping to fight the Monkeypox on the local level.

The World Health Organization declared Monkeypox “a public health emergency of international concern” in July. More than 26,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide.


  1. No deaths reported. Can’t the 96% of infected that are gay or whatever men control themselves for 30 days to flatten the curve??? As with AIDS will we let politically correctness dictate sound health policy?? Same with COVID???


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