Sen. Young, Braun introduce Senate resolution praising Greenwood Park Mall shooting hero

(95.3 MNC)

Eli Dicken has been praised for his heroic actions during the Greenwood Park Mall shooting.

Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun introduced a Senate resolution on Wednesday, condemning the attack while praising Dicken, who killed the shooter within 15 seconds.

Young’s office released a statement Friday:

“As we condemn the shooting and continue to grieve the lives lost in this horrific incident, we are thankful for the quick actions taken by Eli Dicken and first responders. There is no doubt that Eli’s bravery and decisive actions saved countless lives.”


  1. Absolutely, no telling how many innocent lives Eli Dicken saved that day at the Greenwood Park Mall.

    This is why our founding fathers gave us our right to bear arms. 🇺🇸

  2. This move by the senators rings a bit hollow since Toad Young supported more gun control a few shore weeks ago giving Dopey King Xo the Idiot of Brandonville a win to crow about.


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