Indiana Secretary of State candidate faces sexual assault allegations against Diego Morales

(95.3 MNC)

The chairman of the Indiana Republican Party is admitting he was aware of at least one of the sexual assault allegations against Secretary of State nominee Diego Morales for over a month.

Kyle Hupfer has released a statement that he was asked for a meeting two months after Morales was nominated in June where a woman shared “elements of a story that have now been made public,” and adds it is not his story to share.

Political writer Abdul-Hakim Shabazz published interviews with two women on Friday who came to him saying Morales sexually assaulted them years ago.

The nominee is denying the accusations.


  1. Don’t know if these accusations are true or not. Why didn’t the women make the claims when it supposedly happened? This sounds a lot like the democrat ploy to take out our former Attorney General Curtis Hill. Politics is a very dirty game. We The People must reject anyone who plays the dirty game.

  2. “Political writer Abdul-Hakim Shabazz”

    Leftist hack is more like it.

    Does the left have ANY other playbook? How many times do they have to pull this same tired ploy? Moore, Kavanaugh, Morales, and dozens before him, all while ignoring Tara Reade. Trot out some people to make allegations and sway the election, then after the election they just magically vanish from sight.

    Hopefully Hoosiers are smart enough to NOT fall for this obvious scam.

    • You know your voting for the right person when right before elections they start this BS I proudly have a Morales yard sign in my front yard.


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