Man arrested after allegedly resisting, battering St. Joseph County Police officer

(Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Police)

An expired license plate on a car leads to the driver taking off, then allegedly attacking the police officer.

It was earlier this month when a St. Joseph County Police officer spotted the vehicle with the expired plate. Investigators described the driver, Terry O’Banion, as aggressive, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at ABC 57.

They say he refused to identify himself and ignored the officer’s commands.

As the officer walked back to his vehicle, O’Banion got out of his vehicle and started walking towards the officer’s vehicle. O’Banion then screamed he was Jesus and began fighting with the officer, knocking off his sunglasses and body camera and hitting the officer in the head.

O’Banion took off, but was spotted an hour later and was taken into custody. He’s been charged with battery against a public safety official and resisting law enforcement.

Read more about the case from the original story published by ABC 57.




  1. Officers are supposed to tell the truth and keep their composure at all times. I may have seen video of this whole incident and I know this officer filed a very false report and if our United States justice system works this officer will think the next time he wants to lie while “serving” our community.


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