South Bend Mayor names November Trans Awareness month

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

Tuesday, South Bend Mayor James Mueller presented a proclamation to the Transgender Resource Education and Enrichment Services.

The mayor declared the month of November to be Trans Awareness month in The City.

On social media, he said South Bend joins in raising visibility about transgender people and seeks to address the issues faced by members of the community.


  1. Trust me, we are all aware of the trans movement. Awareness of your movement doesn’t mean that we have to play along. Be who you want, but do not expect to dictate terms (or terminology) to everyone else.

    Also, “T.R.E.E.S.”? Really? That’s a lousy acronym for this particular group.

  2. Did this liberal city south of the University of Notre Dame suddenly move to Southern California ? How must time is this Mayor spending on Transgender awareness month ? I would think crime prevention would take precedence over this stuff. Shootings, murders, assaults, burglaries, auto theft, people living in tents, and bringing jobs to the city should be the direction.


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