Information about Delphi murder arrest may soon be made public

(Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)

You may be able to know some of what investigators know about the Delphi murders before the end of the month. A hearing to determine whether the probable cause and charging documents associated with the arrest of Richard Allen, 50, should remain sealed has been set for Nov. 22.

The arguments will be heard by Carroll County Benjamin Diener.

Allen was arrested Friday on two counts of murder, charged with killing Abby Williams and Libby German, a case that gained national attention and has been the subject of much speculation.

A news conference with state police and Prosecutor Nick McLeland, Monday, provided no answers as to why police believe Allen is their man. The authorities present said the documents should remain sealed because the investigation is not over.

McLeland offered that such a procedure is unusual.

“We did it in this case because the investigation is still open. While all cases are important, the nature of this case has some extra scrutiny with it.”

Since then, speculation again, has thrived in the absence of information.

“I know from everybody it’s frustrating,” said McLeland. “I know not only reporters but the family, everybody wants to know more information. I understand it’s frustrating. My goal is to maintain the integrity of this case.”

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Slacker06 November 4, 2022 at 2:56 pm

It has become a very nasty habit for government officials to hide information from The People. I understand withholding some information for a short time to complete an investigation. But they certainly have enough for a conviction in this case or they would not have made the arrest and risk the case being dismissed and losing putting a very nasty person behind bars for life or int he chair. All that being said, our system considers a person innocent until PROVEN guilty in court.


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