INDOT looking for snow plow drivers

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Department of Transportation)

Tis the season that INDOT is looking for snow plow drivers.

The agency is hiring now, well ahead of the first winter storms of the season, with a goal of getting enough plow drivers to cover all their routes.

INDOT is in charge of plowing all state roads, such as State Roads 2, SR 23, U.S. 33 and SR 933, U.S. 20 and the bypass.

Qualified applicants need to have a commercial drivers’ license.

INDOT will train their new hires to make sure they’re ready to tackle the snow. You can apply for seasonal and full-time positions with INDOT here:


  1. They should offer to help qualified workers without a CDL to get one. Its difficult to get a CDL without going thru a school or a company training you for it. Many good people need that career boost and would be great employees to invest in.
    Just a thought.


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